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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2012 7:01am-7:31am EST

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it is good to have you with us on this saturday you're watching r t live with me rory super shy the arab league is deciding what to do next in syria where for ports are true the violence is unabated it's room with the group will extend its observer mission in the country because they think the presence of monitors has reduced the crisis in some areas. following the situation for us inside syria. the arab league ministers going to be meeting to present their findings on what's been happening ok in syria and to discuss what their next move will be now the arab league mission in the country to oversee the implementation of the arab peace. syria's government among other things that included the releasing political prisoners and the withdrawal of the government troops and tanks from some of the
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towns and cities how successful the sad league mission has been to play simple we actually followed the arab league mission in the final few days here in the country now there are questions raised as to the neutrality and the credibility of the mission certainly seeing the way that they operated it couldn't the question really just how independent the they were able to operate in the country although the size of the force of people we're speaking to he said. didn't really seem to be taking in account of everything that was being said they obviously couldn't have heard from every single person he wanted to speak to the scene another question that's raised a question is whether more of these monitors were needed so what is going to be interesting moving forward is whether or not this mission is now extended because i can very divisive as a response to what the people want that the hospital not some people think this really is essential to this mission continues and in fact just possibly that top i
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was speaking to one of the former advisors to the government and indeed the previous government here in syria we can listen to his opinion on the situation. the situation. taking place now we are weakening syria if you are syrian and you like syria although you are. where you are. you have to put in your mind that you have to. go. as a side. affairs change the system he's seen an escalation of the conflict here in the country will started off as a peaceful protest has it become increasingly armed in fact some very if you haven't owned insurgency in areas where now the government no longer have control again you've got all these different factions no one really knows anymore who has the voice of the people and as we've heard from
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a number of people we've been speaking to that really is an area of major concern. she is helping all of us stay right up to date with the latest developments inside syria doing so via twitter stream which you can see right here this is where you can find her reports from all across the country. as always to be found twenty four. you're watching on. the u.s. congress has yielded to massive online pressure temporarily shelving to
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controversial piracy and follow some of the largest ever. on america's top governmental and entertainment industry websites and a mass internet blackout in protest supporters of the legislation that will help to protect copyright online but internet giants like google and wikipedia say it will stop the free flow of information lawmakers have stressed that although it's delayed the initiative it will be revived. from the electronic frontier foundation says these laws are not just aimed at fighting piracy. fortunately the provisions were written so broadly that they would probably end up censoring millions of innocent users who never even thought about copyright infringement and the worst part was it wasn't even the stop online piracy you know the bills didn't go directly after the owners of the site they kind of went around everything around it so it was going to be censored domain names or they were going to be delisted from
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search engines on the orders of the government or corporations were going to allow . be allowed to cut off payment processor and advertisers from these sites just basically on an allegation in and out of post court order and then again there was going to be brought immunity for a net service providers to enforce these bills so they could end up over blocking sites and capturing innocent users and even blocking sites voluntarily just on the unofficial orders of corporations so there was a lot of a lot of free speech problems with these bills overall goal of stopping online piracy you know it's it's something everybody agrees with but the way they went about it was just completely. expansive and quite frankly ridiculous. well the u.k. authorities are also being accused of trying to curb the freedom of speech but over the airwaves britain has revoked the license of press t.v. that's iran's english language news channel saying its editorial policies are controlled by seron the media regulator also cited licensing by a press t.v.
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so the ban is politically motivated to quote a clear censorship filreis so you can based both on the media analyst believes it's the way the station covered so an event that led to it being taken off the. if this had been separated from geopolitics then no with this would not have happened and some other kind of sanction would have been would have been made and the deal would have been struck so i think the press t.v. has been viewed through geopolitical terms and that is the breakdown of relations between britain and iran at the end of the day i think that most of the criticisms of press t.v. ad been due to its coverage because you know it sees the middle east very differently for example than the mainstream media in britain this repeatedly comes up pro israeli groups repeatedly complain about it we know very well that the british government at the very highest level was discussing with the american
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ambassador here how to limit press t.v.'s output in britain so now what we've got is we've got a real limiting of dialogue in the me in the british media and i think that's a tragedy and certainly a tragedy at a time when british relations are at their lowest and for a long long period you without still have for you this hour billions worth of products going to waste in the united states. is that. sort of the spoiled rich kid as it were look at how a love for food is resulting in tons of edible stuff being thrown away in a country where millions struggle just to get by on food stamps. and taming of the elements in the next winter olympics host city we've got people on daily patrols to punt out of the launchers and ensure safety for skiers. and the austerity anger is intensifying in europe with the latest round of unrest taking
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place this time in romania thousands of people are demanding the resignation of the government and the president in the worst protests seen in the country for years romanians have been suffering under harsh austerity measures imposed in order to secure a cash injection from international creditors tom botton has these details. things turn the streets is the correct. protestors have been peaceful for the past few days but now the demonstrations turn froid. fighting as broken out between police and protesters just behind me you can see the protest is bringing up fences and now going to expect it to clash with the police line here they've started to throw bottles and other things at the police line and they're going to try and push east fences into the police line now. this is
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a voluntary one hope that they could avoid today but it seems that it has broken out after all there's a fence being thrown. at. you. earlier in the day thousands that poured into the remaining in capital to demand the resignation of the remaining president try and assess the opposition politicians address the crowd all that didn't just come from all over the country that means that this right has begun and it must not stop until we reach what we want but we need. some people are upset because they've lost their job service because their pension was cut and others because they're being humiliated every day there's one thing that unites us all that we all want to say ask you to leave only you know. but later on the mood became more militant than i was then and only factions old opposed to schoolchildren the country have to walk
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five kilometers through the snow to school the youth nowadays what choice do we have to go out and start to see you start marking people for a person so we go to italy spain and germany to start to steal what for we want jobs. back at the end of the day what we can see some if you look over the line now some of the missiles but it being thrown. just in stages the police are trying to move forward and clear the square with a meeting with a lot of resistance from the first test to see if. as the crowd was broken up it revealed those affected by two guys. and the struggle of those seized the day and night protesters have been demanding big political change. but if this is anything to go by the route to reform
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that long and hard fought bought. and a little bit later today here on our t.v. max keiser and stacy herbert compare the economic crisis to the recent costa concordia cruise disaster of focusing on cuttings are abandoning financial ship so the whole program coming up next hour. so this captain schettino he's brought to shore he is now everybody knows he's abandoned ship his excuse costa concordia captain says he tripped and fell into lifeboat and that's the reason why he abandoned ship that sounds exactly like the excuses that lloyd blankfein and jamie dimon gave to congress i tripped and fell into tarp that well the algae would be the one that they always yours is the market did it this guy saying it tripped into the life book and so all the way lloyd blankfein and jamie dimon are saying well the market accidentally made me
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a billionaire i don't know if. it's good to have you with us here on our to today russia has announced plans to build a manned colonies on the moon the country's space agency is viewing partnership with nasa and their counterparts in the e.u. men back on the lunar surface permanently peter all of a explains how scientists hope exploring the moon will help us better understand the nature of life back here on our planet. cosmos want to send first off to unmanned probes to the surface of our nearest celeste steele neighbor and take samples bring them back to earth so they can be studied and analyzed with the hope eventually that we can set up a permanent base on the move now this all sounds very science fiction but it could
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very soon be science fact a moon base has been said that it could very well be a very good place to to launch spacecraft from it also be a very good place to build spacecraft of course the the gravity of the moon much less than there is on earth would get see the effects less than gravity or zero gravity would have on a spacecraft much more than we could ever simulate on earth hopefully lots of very exciting things that we can see coming up in the next few years they say they're hoping to these unmanned probes can be the first step towards perhaps setting up a permanent home on the moon. but he's put all of our reporting right there so moon base is still rather a fantasy for now although some people are ready to believe just about anything especially if you throw a long considered threat into the mix after your half of us went out of the streets of new york to prove it.
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in the case of iran's nuclear capabilities people are quick to make judgments based on what they hear in the media but are they actually listening to what's being said this week let's talk about that do you agree with president obama's initiatives to monitor iran's nuclear program from the mown. yes well. i think it's important to know what's going on i do yeah why well just because of the threat to the world what it is is the threat specifically. for safety house down. we can talk do you agree with his program the moon. i think you're putting me on you don't believe that from the moon. maybe from a satellite but i think you're putting me on would you be surprised to know that a lot of people just say by me that they agree with the program from the moon oh that wouldn't surprise me at all that people not human there are lemmings well for things i like to jump off cliffs doesn't the media have
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a responsibility to guide the lemmings down a better path no lemmings should have their mind of their own and they should be educated i mean people are watching t.v. radio internet so it's if you know even if you're looking for some going of disease you know you find so many interpretations so which one is the right one this difficult yet people say i saw it on internet so i believe it's absolutely true so it's. very hard to find the right source most people just don't have the time don't have the inclination come people there to get into it if you ever tried to have a meaningful discussion with someone about politics i try every day it's pretty pretty bad to be honest ever going to know where they were even if they did personally up there you wouldn't know anyway so. we don't know if. you but do you think common sense takes over a little bit oh ok we don't know because that deep space but our moon you think we
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would know. you never look up there to see if it has bought anything or make a digital camera so it seems like some people are listening to what's being said and are thinking for themselves let's just hope they can catch the much more subtle inaccuracy as they're bombarded with by the media every day. this is. in a country with ever expanding waistlines millions in the us are still going hungry with tons of edible food going to waste each and every day the solution to the country's problem could be sitting on the sidewalk and reports. the number of people on food stamps has reached an all time high more and more people are going hungry one in three americans live in or near poverty and suffering hunger in this land of plenty. in this land of plenty roughly two point seven million tons of food
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is reportedly raised and grown each year the same country that loves so much to consume calories. also loves to waste that. this isn't liquid geo and although is a dumpster diver instead of paying for food he romances through garbage bags on the streets of new york city here's another truth were tons of edible food is thrown out each night i never found that's not a slice of the pizza here this is a raisin raisin bagel the twenty seven year old musician makes his way from the bakery to the deli there's hot food here which probably comes from a hot food bar relying on supermarket trash for his essential vitamins even without opening the bag i can see the orange. and some of the greens what we and those crowding around g.o.c.
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is that in a country where more than forty million people struggle daily to get enough food millions of meals are literally being wasted as this food as you can see is still perfectly edible and there's no sense to be wasted and thrown away. otherwise it would end up. on top of the landfill somewhere and as to me the thirty to fifty percent of u.s. food produced for consumption ends up at landfills each year that comes at an annual cost of one billion dollars simultaneously food prices continue to rise leaving millions more on line at soup kitchens and ultimately searching through trash eating meat a big show or the documentary die follows filmmaker jeremy seifert and his friends in the back alleys and rubbish piles of los angeles as thousands of dollars worth of edible food is salvaged it's a result of our excess we are
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a wealthy country and we have excess and so waste is. really necessarily a byproduct of excess and it's a bad habit of sort of the spoiled rich kid as it were amid america's expanding climate of food waste critics say the country's overall carelessness causes ripple effects around the world it is a global market now and our overconsumption directly impacts the hungry and the poor in other countries us taking more than we need and wasting it affects the prices of food affects the availability of food so yeah i guess that was why they make the film there was a sense of outrage at the injustice of food waste something of a paradox society defined both by wasteful consumption and an ongoing struggle to make ends meet writing because my expenses are first thing that goes food so the
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question is why pay for that which you can get for free. r.t. new york. and i asked for a non edible waste it can also be put to good use even in the world of art it's all website off you dot com you can meet a russian artist who turned old industrial scrap into modern masterpieces. also there now ukraine reopens at the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster in china noble for daring to or find out how much a trip to the exclusion zone could cost you this sound so much more always twenty four stuff at r.t. talk.
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nice last resort. no one can live without it's in one of the largest blood banks in the world. blood of nigeria. on r t. blind in russia would be so much brighter if you knew all about someone from funniest impressions. friend starts on t.v. dot com. it is a good to have you with us here on r.t. time now for the world update some other headlines from around the world for you
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brief let's turn our attention first to egypt that's where the results of the recent parliamentary elections are expected today just two days ahead of its first session preliminary numbers have islamist parties claiming seventy percent of the seats in the lower house the newly elected must select a committee responsible for drafting a new constitution for the nation and for the upper house of parliament should begin next week. and the divers have blasted more holes in the costa concordia as they continue to search for survivors rescue crews have been placing booms around the capsized ship fearing any significant shift by the vessel could damage its fuel tanks triggering a leak and there are about half a million gallons of heavy fuel and hundreds of tons of diesel oil still on board twenty one people are reportedly still missing after the ship ran aground off the
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italian coast an hour that was just a week ago. in nevada a man who's admitted to accidentally starting a massive brush fire near reno police say the man improperly through a fireplace asher's sparking the blaze fueled by strong winds and a recent dry spell the flames burned several thousand acres of land and forced many to evacuate and the man could face asking charges and be forced to foot the bill for the damages that could climb into the millions. all heavy snow is always a good news for skiers and snowboarders but it could spell danger for thrill seekers. talk to those fighting avalanches in the host city of the next winter olympics that's taking place and so much. sochi avalanche hunters have explosives and cannons on their side. their mission to keep the mountain peaks clear and say it's been snowing heavily in sochi this weekend skip
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earth for a magnificent but what may seem is just snow to most of us can provide prize last day total local avalon chanters. avalanche team surveys every new can cranny of the resort they say russians love to push the boundaries and many skiers like riding off the beaten track is the team's lead expert he uses computers and weather stations to monitor the snow fall but being a local who's been living in the caucasus mountains for over forty years the man says there is more to his job than that. though is a living being it has its own life you just have to learn how to understand it and this in turn is only possible if you spend your life with it at times the snow can turn nasty if there's more than twenty centimeters chances are high it's going to slide for real prudes the clues are easy to discover if you know it's like i was not a thirty by thirty centimeter call i'm a tall one and only hit it with
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a shovel exactly ten times very slightly as the colon falls apart at some point it means the snow is too soft and it will collapse the morning survey is over so now it's time for snow angels to descend to their headquarters and pass on the good news. give up. calling dispatch over. there are no threats were given permission to editors to start the cable cars. in february and march this resort will host international ski competitions bringing new challenges for the avalanche team head of the two thousand and fourteen winter games when the venue faces its ultimate test learning to tame the wide beast will be more important than ever done as well as keep our team sochi. ok more headlines to come with me rory sushi in just a moment. this
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is claude. nolen sitting on the edge of. the
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present. mixing reality that's nothingness. but if you enter this time. the mystery of supernatural will reach you. shame siberia. the future science technology innovation hall the list of elements around russia. the future. of the. mission free cretaceous three closed door judges free.
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arrangement free. three stooges free. old free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media. if you're just joining us the very. future of the. mission in syria is called between those. presidents reduced to. slamming the group for a total lack of progress. to discuss whether to extend the monitors were.


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